Richard Braithwaite is a versatile musician based in West Wales, UK. He is currently busy teaching, playing and recording, and is really excited about his latest collaboration with Natural English, producing music for the excellent childrens songs they write and animate.

AnahataNatural EnglishCeltic Piano

Rich sings with Anahata, West Wales’s answer to Clannad, and has produced, arranged and recorded CDs for the singer Kathryn Crosweller. He has lectured  in music technology, and also worked as a freelance A level music technology teacher, as well as playing regularly in ‘The Welsh Beatles’ as Paul McCartney. In 2013, his album ‘Celtic Piano’ was signed to the publishing arm of one of Wales’s largest record companies, SAIN records.

Rich can write and produce many different styles of music – the orange media player contains piano, guitar and Celtic music, while the blue media player contains electronic and experimental demo tracks, as well as some covers. Apart from the covers, all of the tracks are written and performed by Rich – he plays the guitar, bass, piano, drums, violin and sings, which is very useful!

Rich works mostly from his Welsh studio, where it is possible to create the vast majority of his music using a powerful computer and some high quality equipment. This is where he composes his own music, as well as recording others.

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 ORANGE MEDIA PLAYER – Piano / Guitar / Celtic

Celtic PianoCeltic Piano - A selection of tracks from my ‘Celtic Piano’ album. Inspired by the Welsh rivers and mountains, this album took about 8 years to write and record! It’s just been signed to SAIN’s publishing arm – see the news section for more details. Buy this from the store

Guitar Songs - A selection of guitar based songs I’ve written over the past few years. I like music with a catchy tune that sticks in your head, so hopefully you’ll be humming these tracks after a few listens! ['My Best Friend' was co-written with Damien Downes, thanks mate!]

BLUE MEDIA PLAYER – Electronic / Demos / Covers

This media player contains a load of experimental and unfinished music from the past year or so. All of it is written by me (unless otherwise stated), and it’s really meant to showcase the variety of styles that I’ve been writing in recently, as well as the fact that I can transcribe and reproduce music by ear very effectively (listen to the covers section).


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